Norton LifeLock - Be Cyber Smart with Norton

The world in which we live was in great need of a security solution that not only monitors and removes evolving threats but also takes the trends of evolving cybercrime into consideration. While taking a stroll on the internet, everyone wishes to stay safe and not get scammed by a potential hacker. So, keeping all of this in mind, Norton Security experts developed a security solution that will take care of all these needs of the users. Yes, we are talking about Norton LifeLock that empowers users across the globe to lead a safer digital life.

With an agenda to safeguard people's digital life, Norton always comes up with something new and features its products in such a way that helps us cope with the ongoing situation. So, we are going to dedicate this piece of post to knowing the comprehensive details about Norton LifeLock and how we can have it on our devices without much hassle.

Features of Norton LifeLock

  • It has brought together its team and expertise to help people achieve maximum online safety
  • Like all other antivirus software, its primary aim is to help you get rid of stubborn viruses, malware, and similar threats
  • Irrespective of the device you are using, it makes sure that you get power-packed security with its diversified features
  • The advanced technology present in it helps you stay away from all the malicious websites
  • This product also warns you of suspicious downloads so that you can stop them there and then
  • Based on the plan you have chosen, you can have this unmatchable device security on multiple devices
  • Even if your device gets stolen, the smart technology present in this software will help you get track of it

If you are done with using its trial version already and wish to continue using this product for continuous device protection, then you can go ahead with reading this post.

  • Account Sign up for Installing Norton LifeLock

    The first level that'll help you unlock the gates of cyber-security is signing up for a Norton account. If you do have an existing account, you can skip these steps:

    1. Go to the main website of Norton- https://my.norton.com/home/setup
    2. Click on the "Sign In" button at the top-right
    3. Select the "Create a new account" option
    4. Enter your email address twice
    5. Create a secure password for your account
    6. Enter your first and last name
    7. Type your mobile phone number with the correct country code
    8. Now, choose your region from the given drop-down
    9. Check the radio button to receive product updates and offers
    10. Select the "Create Account" button 

    Find the Norton LifeLock product key and redeem it

    After creating an account on the Norton Portal, you will need to find the product key which you get after making the purchase of your preferred Norton product. The product key is actually a code of 25-digits character that is present in the alphanumeric format. This product key is either present in a physical format or is mailed to you by an authorized Norton retailer. You can locate the product key on the retail card by scratching the silver coating or in your mailbox. Once you find this product key, you need to redeem it in the same way as explained below:

    1. Visit the official website of Norton 
    2. Click the "My Norton" option at the top
    3. From there, select "Set up a new retail purchase"
    4. Sign in to your Norton account
    5. Enter the product key when prompted

    Download Norton LifeLock on a new device

    Downloading any Norton version can be completed in a few easy steps. Here's how:

    1. Sign in to your account at the official website
    2. From the "My Norton" tab, select "Download your service"
    3. Now, choose the device on which you wish to install it to
    4. Click "Download" and wait for some time
    5. Again, click "Agree and Download" on the "Get started" page
    6. Continue with the installation

    Installing Norton LifeLock on Windows

    1. Firstly, you need to run the installer
    2. For this, press the "Ctrl + J" keys to open the "Downloads" section of your browser
    3. Now, double-click on the Norton file that you just downloaded
    4. Click "Continue" on the "User Account Control" window
    5. Then, follow the on-screen prompts for installation completion

    Installing Norton LifeLock on Mac

    1. Upon finishing the download, double-click on the downloaded file
    2. Click "Open" and then click "Allow" to view this file in the "Downloads" folder
    3. Now, read the Norton License Agreement
    4. On the following screen, click "Install"
    5. If prompted, enter your Mac admin login credentials

    Activating your Norton subscription

    1. Open the installed Norton LifeLock file
    2. Click "Activate Now" > "Next"
    3. Now, enter the PIN you have and click "Activate"
    4. Then, you need to type your name
    5. And, click on the "Activate" option
    6. Click "Finish" when the activation is complete


    Norton Cyber experts always advise their users to renew their subscription once it reaches the end of its lifecycle. Doing this will ensure that your device is not vulnerable to threats, viruses, and malware. If not done on time, you may have to pay a huge price for your negligence by giving yourself into scams, cyber threats, and alike.